Meet Dr. Maynard Mostrom Jr.

     Hello, my name is Dr. Maynard C. Mostrom, Jr. I am a conservative, educated Christian and ordained Baptist minister presently living in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

I grew up in a Christian home and attended a Baptist church in Mesa, Arizona, where at the age of 8, I came to know Christ as Savior and was baptized by immersion shortly thereafter. At the age of 16, my family began attending Tri-City Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, where during my junior year in high school, I recognized God’s calling on my life through the ministry of our pastor, Dr. James Singleton.

After high school, I left Arizona in 1982 to pursue education for the Christian ministry in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Texas, then returning to Arizona in 1996. Since that time, I have continued both my education and ministry experiences in various Christian ministries in the Phoenix area. I have been married for over 25 years to my wife and have 3 wonderful children.

Essential to understanding a Christian minister is knowing what he believes and what is important to him. This is a summary of my doctrinal beliefs which I view as truthful expressions of the central teachings of the Bible and their application to our contemporary world.


  • Fundamentalist: I believe in a militant stance in support of the Bible and a militant stance against modernism, postmodernism, liberalism, and new evangelicalism.
  • Calvinist: I believe in the sovereignty of God as expressed in His salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. I believe in the “doctrines of grace” and stand opposed to any inclusion of human righteousness into the salvation process.
  • Baptist: I believe in an independent and self-governing New Testament church composed exclusively of immersed believers.
  • Dispensationalist: I believe in the administrative and historical distinctions between Israel and the Church and the pre-tribulational, premillennial return of Christ.
  • Young Earth Creationism: I believe in a young earth directly created by God in six literal, twenty four hour days. I am opposed to all forms of evolution and their “uniformitarian” interpretations of history.
  • Presuppostionalist Apologetics: I believe that God and His truth in the Bible must be the starting point and supreme interpreter for all the “facts” of life in all areas throughout all time under all circumstances. I am opposed to any other authority standing over the Bible in any area of life or knowledge.
  • Complementarian Gender Roles: While I believe that male and female are equal in “essence,” I also believe that God has created important gender distinct “roles” that include the necessity of male leadership and female submission in the home and the church.
  • Nouthetic Counseling: While I recognize that there is a certain value to some descriptive elements of secular counseling, I believe in the “nouthetic” view of counseling and its emphasis on the sufficiency of the Bible to solve man’s “psychological” problems. I am opposed to any counseling theory or process that is in direct violation of biblical truth.


Desiring to follow God’ s leading into a life of full-time vocational Christian ministry, I have for over the past 30 years pursued a path of education and service in a variety of areas and occupations. Listed below is a summary of my education and experience.

1982-1986           I received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Bible major and a Greek minor from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown, Wisconsin.

 1986-1990           I received a Master of Divinity degree in Pastoral Studies from Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

 1992-1994           I received a Master of Sacred Theology degree in Bible Exposition from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. My master’s thesis was entitled, “A Theological Exposition of Second Peter 3:10-13.” My advisers were Dr. Dwight Pentecost and Dr. Roy Zuck.

 1994-2002           I completed all the coursework for a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Theological Studies from Dallas Seminary in Dallas, Texas. I took my comprehensive exams; however, due to ministry work, health problems, and time constraints, I was unable to complete the degree.

 2002-2006           I received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Phoenix Seminary in Phoenix, Arizona.  My doctoral thesis was entitled “A Historical Survey of the Complementarian Theology of Gender in American Protestant Fundamentalism From 1870 to 2005.” My adviser was Dr. Wayne Grudem.

Youth Pastor: I was the youth pastor at Tri-City Baptist Church, then in Tempe, Arizona. With a large church membership, a Christian school, a Bible college, and mission board, Tri-City afforded a great opportunity to minister to Arizona, the western United States, and around the world and to serve the church which I had attended as a teenager.


Teacher: I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses for 2 Bible colleges: Arizona College of the Bible and International Baptist College, which is associated with Tri-City Baptist Church. I have also taught in both Christian grade schools and in charter schools in Arizona.


Counselor: I have been a nouthetic counselor for nearly 30 years, counseling adults, teenagers, and children both in Christian settings and privately for a variety of problems including substance and domestic abuse.


Curriculum Designer: I was the Bible curriculum designer for Alpha Omega publications, then in Chandler, Arizona. Developing and editing print-based and electronic content for Christian education included extensive work with educational processes, computer technology, and the integration of a biblical worldview into all education materials.



During my lifetime in Christian ministry, I have witnessed numerous blessings as God has worked in my life and in the lives of other Christians both in the Phoenix area and around the world. However, all of us, especially those of us over 40, have witnessed the most tragic and destructive process that this world has so far experienced. We have observed firsthand the destruction of our Christian heritage in Western civilization.


 The introduction of the Modern era (A.D. 1450-1945)  began this process of de-christianizing our world by replacing biblical truth with “human reason.” This modernizing process promised a utopia on earth yet its displacement of God and its pursuit of evolutionary ideas led to the deterioration of our churches through “liberalism” (Christian accommodation to Modernity), and the near destruction of our society through its warfare in Europe, America, and eventually the whole world (WW 1 and WW2). This ironic change from utopian thinking to a fearful life of survival was symbolized by the dropping of the atomic bomb. We had spiritually and technologically moved from living in a slice of heaven on earth (in our Christian heritage) to virtually creating our own hell on earth.


 While some people at that time returned to Christianity or continued to follow the modern faith in human reason, most of Western civilization began looking to the only worldview left that would allow for both human independence and religious significance, now called “Postmodernism.” The introduction of the Postmodern era (1945 -) replaced both biblical truth and human reason with “human feelings and experiences” as the basis for life and decisions. By making each individual the center of their own existence, this worldview has removed nearly all spiritual and civil controls over people and has encouraged each person to do “that which is right in their own eyes.” As a result, Postmodernism has created a rebellious and escapist lifestyle that has rejected all forms of external “authority” thus speeding up the process of the near complete removal of Christianity from our society within the scope of 3 generations (often known as the baby “boomers,”  “busters,” and “bridgers” or millennial children). In addition to tearing apart all the structures and relationships in our society, Postmodernism has been wrecking havoc on our churches and our families through its own versions of liberalism and unfortunately, we are doing little to recognize it , expose it, and stop it.


 As Christians in the 21st century, we must come to grips with and respond to a grim reality: we now live in a “PostChristian” society that is overwhelmingly anti-Christian and is significantly invading and hurting our churches and our families. An even sadder fact is that many of our “Christian” leaders are not protecting our churches and families from this destruction, but are in fact contributing to it. I am convinced that we must act in a biblical and public manner and we must do so now in this generation or else I am afraid that the majority of our own churches and families will become “PostChristian” as well.



 The greatest need of our day is the recovery of our Christian heritage in our churches through the godly leadership of conservative Christian men. Led by committed men in our churches and in our families, we need to rededicate ourselves to the path of biblical Christianity and courageously take the necessary steps within the Christian community and in our homes to recover the true meaning and power of the Christian faith. This courageous and confrontational process must include a clear, accurate, and public stand for biblical truth and correspondingly a similar stand against the serious and harmful errors of our Postmodern world, wherever they might be.


 I am convinced from the Bible and history that the focus of this process must be in our churches, starting with church leadership and the men of a church and from there moving forward throughout each church and each home. Only when this happens will we have New Testament Christians with a true and powerful voice again in our society. This is the path of committed discipleship that Christ developed in the Gospels and the New Testament, the same path used in the early Church, the same path used during the Reformation, and the same path used by the early fundamentalists against modernist liberalism . A return to this biblical path centered upon and led by our Christian leaders is the greatest need of our day.


 I have created this website in order to assist the contemporary Christian community with its recovery of an accurate and mature form of the Christian faith. In addition to posting numerous writings on a variety of topics (with an emphasis on contrasting Christianity and Postmodernism), I will also have a particular focus upon the Phoenix area that can serve as a model for Christians elsewhere. With this model, I will be putting a biblical spotlight on the “Christian” community in the Phoenix area, bringing a process of public awareness and accountability to our Christian leaders and others for their beliefs and actions.