Do We Know What is Going On?

     During the past 50 years, this generation of Christians has witnessed a significant deterioration in the spiritual and moral culture of America, its churches, and its families. A growing uneasiness has developed into a fearful panic as we have observed the loss of our biblical heritage and the creation of a post-Christian environment. We have observed this process of decay, yet do we understand the ideas and forces that are behind the “dechristianization” of our world? Do we understand that there is an organized, Satanic conspiracy at work in Western Civilization?

Peter Jones, in his book, Spirit Wars: Pagan Revival in Christian America, summarizes the power and influence of contemporary religion: “In just one generation, Judeo-Christian America has become an incubator of revived paganism. Behind the dazzling diversity of pro-choice culture-abortion rights, the homosexual agenda, radical feminism, the new spirituality, goddess worship, and witchcraft-lies a coherent pagan spirituality bent on absolute control, intolerant of any truth but its own.”

What Should We Do About It?

Recognize and Oppose the Current, Satanic Worldview of Postmodernism

     We need to understand that all of the seemingly disconnected parts of the current world system are really a coherent pagan worldview that Satan is using to impose his religious views upon the entire world. We need to recognize that this postmodern worldview  from the Eastern religions is displacing both the Christian and modern worldviews of the West and has become the dominant global religion of the 21st century. We need to identify and expose the contemporary beliefs and practices bent on the destruction of Western Civilization through the rejection of biblical Christianity and the revival of ancient paganism.

Identify and Strengthen Our Commitment to God’s Truth

     Our ability to identify and expose the current world system is directly related to our ability to identify and follow what the Bible prescribes as a pure and mature form of Christianity. We need to strengthen our commitment to the teachings of the Bible and develop the skillful use of these teachings through New Testament discipleship to build strong Christians churches and families that can intelligently and accurately identify, expose, and combat the teachings of the Postmodern worldview. Having been mesmerized by the world and all of its choices and technological toys, we have lost the value of our faith and thus the biblical urgency and courage needed to show our churches and our children why our Christian faith is true, important, and essential to our lives now and in eternity.

Hold our “Christian” Leaders and our Churches Accountable

     As Christians now living in the 21st century, we daily and continually face the errors of our “Postmodern” world. In a manner similar to the departures and defections of Christianity to the “Modern” worldview, we are seeing more and more Christian leaders and their churches turning away from God’s truth toward the selfish, man-centered views of our age. Such actions of compromise are increasing among God’s people as fewer and fewer Christian leaders now have both a solid doctrinal understanding of God’s truth and the courage to publicly stand against its opposition, in the world, within the Christian Church, and even within our own families.

The early years of the past century witnessed a generation of conservative Christian leaders who saw the serious departures from biblical Christianity taking place within “Christian” America and it churches. Their courageous and public response brought about the Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy, a necessary set of confrontational actions which significantly saved a portion of Protestant Christianity from modernism and liberalism. We are presently living in the midst of the Fundamentalist-Postmodernist controversy. What we as conservative Christians do now in our generation to recover and reassert the biblical faith just might be the most important process to take place in history from our time until the return of Christ.

With the alarming loss of God’s truth and the alarming increase of error and destruction in our society, our churches, and our homes, I am convinced that more than ever we are in need of Christians and Christian leaders who like David stood boldly before the men of Israel and said, “Is there not a cause?” David spoke up against the ignorance and apathy of his own people while he courageously took strong and decisive action against “Goliath,” the public giant of opposition against God and His great cause. As in David’s day, I believe that the greatest need in our contemporary world is for Christians to follow in his steps by taking a clear, public, and courageous stand “for the cause of God and truth.”


Tearing Apart the Soul: Part 1

     This article, the first in a series, describes my personal tragic story and the catalyst for creating this website. It provides the beginnings of a public exposure of the liberal and ungodly counseling process that is centered upon the teachings of Dr. Steven Tracy, professor at Phoenix Seminary and founder of a counseling center called “Mending the Soul.” Through both his public instruction and private counseling, Dr. Tracy has brought extensive postmodern and liberal teachings into contemporary Christianity and in particular into the Christianity of the Phoenix metropolitan area. This article and others in the series expose and  warn the Christian Church about Dr. Tracy’s role as a compromising Christian and “false teacher” through his unbiblical and destructive teachings and his “tearing apart” of my own marriage and family.

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