Tearing Apart the Soul 2

Tearing Apart the Soul: Part 2


 A Public Exposure of the Liberal, Feminist Teachings of Dr. Steven Tracy through “Mending the Soul” and Phoenix Seminary

and His Secretive, Coercive Attack Upon My Family

by Dr. Maynard C. Mostrom, Jr.

B.A., M.Div., S.T.M., D.Min., Ph.D. Studies

August 2011-June 2012



Part 2:  The Biblical Necessity of Publically Exposing

 Dr. and Mrs. Steven Tracy as Harmful “False Teachers”

“People by nature are selfish; postmodernism makes selfishness a religion and “Christian” psychiatry makes selfishness a spiritual journey to God.”

“Statement I have given to several Christian leaders during this situation.”

“For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after themselves. Therefore WATCH, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears.”

(Acts 20:29-31: the Apostle Paul demonstrates the continuous ministry of “warning” which is necessary to feed and protect God’s people from false teachers that infiltrate and destroy Christian lives and churches-Paul said these false teachers would come from among the “Christian leaders” in Ephesus)

“I believe that the question of biblical manhood and womanhood is the focal point in a tremendous battle of worldviews…This controversy is the key to deeper issues and deeper commitments that touch every part of life…People who are right in the middle of turning points in history do not always realize it…By these false teachings God tests His people to see if they will be faithful to His Word or not… There is a sifting, a sorting, a dividing going on within the evangelical world, and I believe that institutions that adopt an egalitarian position on this issue will drift further and further from faithfulness to the Bible on other issues as well… Where biblical patterns are not followed, husbands and wives have no clear guidance on how to act within their marriages, and there is increasing stress that brings harmful and evendestructive consequences to families

I believe this is a watershed issue

(Dr Wayne Grudem, “Key Issues in the Manhood-Womanhood Controversy” in Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood, pp 57-60; Dr. Grudem is a professor at Phoenix Seminary where Dr. Tracy also teaches)

“The most radical American Revolution took place not in 1776 but in the last generation of the twentieth century. In those last 30 or so years we witnessed the First Great Awakening—of Paganism…Radical feminists demanded that their sisters be “sin articulate,” have the “courage to sin”…Moderation and tolerance are the norms. Americans are reluctant to pass judgment on how other people act and think…This much-touted tolerance is not progress toward a more enlightened society, but the postmodern failure to recognize that there is objective truth…

Your self sits at the center…Everything about you is okay. All your instincts are valid…When we go within, notions like right and wrong,

guilt and bad conscience disappear.”

(Peter R. Jones, “Sexual Perversion: The Necessary Fruit of Neo-Pagan Spirituality in the Culture at Large,” in Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood, pp 257-273


When I was a teenager, I witnessed numerous times when my senior pastor, Dr. James Singleton stood before the members and guests of Tri-City Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona and publically thundered away, with the use of names, at the sins of our community, our politicians, and many of our compromising leaders within Christianity.Since we saw similar language and moral judgments given in the Bible and in church history, it seemed natural to most of us that such biblical and public distinctions should be taken seriously and applied to our own lives. We were taught (sometimes poorly, but most of the time properly—this is my evaluation as a trained theologian looking back on my teen years-most of Dr. Singleton’s failures were private and relational and not in the pulpit) that making clear, accurate, and public distinctions between good and serious evil was for a biblical Christian as natural and as necessary as breathing.


My ministry training and Christian service during the 1980s and 1990s brought me into direct contact with hundreds of Christian leaders and churches that took a similar stand “for” truth and “against” error. Preachers across America saw a nation once “under God” leaving its biblical heritage and destroying itself through the acceptance and practice of “false” beliefs. With a love for God, His people, and America, many preachers took the “prophetic” stance of calling for repentance from God’s people and the world and a turning back to the one, true God and to the teachings of the Bible. This prophetic action by numerous Christian leaders was still the norm in most conservative Christian churches even into the 1980s.

“This is the first generation in the history of Christianity in which the majority of “Christians” and the majority of “Christian leaders” actually believe that it is wrong to publically expose false teachers and serious sin.”

 (Statement I have given to several Christians during this situation)

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but ratherexpose them…but all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.”

(Ephesians 5:11, 13)

“For there are many insubordinate, both idle talkers and deceivers…

whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole households,

teaching things which they ought not.”

(Titus 1:10a,11a)


Yet how a few years have changed the landscape of America, including the most conservative of Christian ministries! As America became overwhelmingly postmodern (pagan and emotion-driven) and anti-Christian during the 1990s, most Christian churches in America have “downgraded” into serious forms of liberalism (prepared by “new evangelicalism” and numerous concessions to worldly forms of social life and technology) while most of the Christian churches that take any sort of “conservative” stand have gone into “survival” mode. Extensive budgets, the need to attract people (especially young and rich people), and the fear of social and legal persecution has pressured many Christian leaders to increasingly give into the “privatization” of our faith and the refusal to biblically and publically confront serious sin.


In fact, I believe that now (as evidenced even by some of the responses that I have gotten over my website), that to many Christians, the great sin of our day is not sin itself, but the identification and public exposure of sin. The great public acts of righteous rebuke displayed by many Christians throughout history and up to a few years ago are now considered to be great acts of embarrassment that are even considered arrogant and sinful not because they are untrue but because they upset the status quo and because they “hurt” peoples’ feelings.


What I have observed during the past 30 years is that not only most Americans, but also the majority of Christians and Christian leaders in America have significantly changed for the worse and are leaving the biblical climate of moral truth, discernment, and courage! I have found that many Christian leaders will privately admit this, yet few will publically proclaim it or take serious steps to expose it, biblically deal with it, and try to reverse it.


(Note: In an upcoming article in this series, I will give specific information about Christian leaders in the Phoenix area and the intentional refusal of most of them to act “biblically” as Christian leaders should in this matter. It will include a copy of my letter sent to over 70 churches and schools in the Phoenix area in December 2011, along with their names and their responses. The responses to my letter and my situation are, for the most part, a disgrace to the Christian faith and its family.)



Responses to My Website and My Situation


As mentioned in my last article, I have worked hard to follow a biblical process for dealing with the marital and family crisis that has been forced upon me over the past few years. With the long term refusal of many to follow a biblical, private process of mediation and discipline, and the additional legal attacks upon my rights as a man, a husband, a father, and a Christian, I believed that it was necessary to take this matter public to expose the serious sinfulness and destructiveness of certain “Christians” and “Christian ministries” involved. As a legitimate step in the biblical process and as a public plea for help, I launched my website in July 2011.


The responses to my website since July 2011 have been largely what I expected. Due to my emails and word of mouth, the website has had hundreds of visitors (I have software tracking numerous details) yet there is substantial apathy about direct involvement to give feedback or provide assistance. As I anticipated, the world (and sadly the Christian world in particular) is totally unprepared and unwilling to deal openly and biblically with this matter.


“Therefore if you bring your gift to the alter, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the alter, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.”

(Matthew 5:23-24: Of all people, Christians should be the most eager to meet over the Bible and solve their relational problems; God says that this process is even more important than public worship!)


While my wife (the 2nd judge in our trial has ordered me to remove her name from this website w/o any given reason related to the subject matter-more on this in an upcoming article) has submitted a response to my website for the court, my wife, the Tracys, Mending the Soul, Phoenix Seminary, New Valley Church, and several other individuals and groups have maintained their silence and refusal to biblically dialog with me and other Christian leaders on this matter. In addition, when I have talked directly to particular Christian leaders, some have even been angry at me and are opposed to what I have done (though I have yet to hear a biblical argument against my stance or my website—more on this in a following article). There are others, on the other hand, who have been supportive through discussions, prayers, and encouragement yet they too seem unsure as to how to respond to my situation and to my website. It appears that an educational process in biblical discipline is needed to re-teach many within the Christian community how to biblically and properly handle problems related to false teaching and serious sin.


With various responses given to this situation from a variety of people and institutions, I have found that the one question that should be asked and answered above all else has been almost completely ignored. The one question that we should all be asking (especially Christians) is this: what is the biblical and truthful response to my wife, the Tracys, Phoenix Seminary, New Valley Church, and others who have participated in this matter in ways that are serious departures from biblical truth and the facts?


To answer this question, at least 3 other questions need to be asked and answered by anyone who chooses to place their judgment on this matter:


First, should we be opposed to or apathetic toward publically exposing false teaching andfalse teachers? The Bible and biblical Christians in history were not.


Second, should we be opposed to or apathetic toward publically exposing serious, habitual, and unrepentant sinners? The Bible and biblical Christians in history were not.


Third, should we be opposed to or apathetic toward publically exposing ungodly teachers and sinful women who tear apart people’s lives and refuse to submit to an open and honest process of investigation, dialog, and biblical resolution? The Bible and biblical Christians in history were not.


For those who are serious about these questions and are serious about a commitment to the Bible, the answer to these questions is quite clear: there is a biblical path to dealing with this matter which is not only available, but also necessary. The failure of the Christian community to see the necessity of publically exposing false teachers and serious unrepentant sinners is a clear indication of just how far contemporary Christianity (especially in Arizona in this case) has departed from the Bible!




Exposing False Teaching: Dr. Steven Tracy and His Wife Celestia Tracy



“But there were also false teachers among the people, even as there will befalse teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies…andmany will follow their destructive ways..”

(2 Peter 2:1a, 2a: We should not be surprised that we have false teachers among us;

do you know who they are?—you should)



“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But shun profane and idle babblings, for they will increase to more ungodliness. And their message will spread like cancer. Hymenaeus and Philetus are of this sort, who have strayed concerning the truth…”

(2 Timothy 2:15-18a:  Notice that the names of 2 false teachers ministering in a “Christian” church are publically identified, condemned, and removed )


“Mrs Celestia Tracy has progressively facilitated the steady deterioration of my wife’s spiritual and mental health…has repeatedly undermined and ignored my authority as a husband and a father…has intentionally bypassed the biblical process of local church involvement in marital affairs, has relied upon explicitly feminist literature and methods in her counseling, and has assisted and approved my wife’s secretive and deceitful separation from me.”

(My letter to the elders of New Valley Church, May 2010)

“I am biblically required by God as a husband and more so as a Christian leader to test everything by the Bible. I am more interested in doing so in this case because many things looked to be at odds with the Bible. As my studies have shown, I was correct in identifying this “ministry” with false teaching that is fundamentally against the Bible.

 I am simply trying to protect my wife and family from error that will harm them.

This is not abusive; it is biblically protective.”

(My comments in my article “The Feminist Takeover of a Man’s Family,” p 7)



Since I have made serious accusations against the Tracys for false teaching and against Mending the Soul, Phoenix Seminary, and New Valley Church for participation in and toleration of the Tracys destructive work, I am obligated to provide biblical and factual evidence to support my position. In this article, I will give a summary of my position which I will expand and develop in later articles with more details, quotes from the Tracys and others resources they use, and more evidence from the unbiblical actions continued to be taken by them and others.



Serious Contrast Between Christian Orthodoxy and Psychological Liberalism



“The religion of psychology has become a dangerous threat to Christianity.

A psychiatrist admits, “The human relations we now call “psychotherapy” are, in fact, matters of religion—and that we mislabeled them as “therapeutic” at great risk to our spiritual well-being…It is not merely a religion that pretends to be a science;

it is actually a fake religion that seeks to destroy true religion.”

(Lisa and Ryan Bazler, Psychology Debunked, 52-53)


Every form of teaching can be evaluated by looking at 3 general areas: authority, knowledge, and morality.


Authority: the basis upon which decisions are made

Knowledge: the information which is gathered and “interpreted”

Morality: the results of this process upon those involved






“One reason so many Christian leaders seek psychological validation is thatseminaries and churches have accepted the idea that psychologists are the final experts on the human condition…The spiritual authorities for our generation are psychologists—not theologians.”

(Ed Bulkley, Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology, 221)

“All concepts, terms, and methods used in counseling need to be re-examined biblically. Not one thing can be accepted from the past or the present

without biblical warrant.”

(Jay Adams, Competent to Counsel, xviii)



For a biblical process of teaching, the ultimate authority is the Bible alone, while the proximate authorities are those set up by God in the Bible (in this case it is the husband’s and church’s God-given authority to lead and direct the female as wife and Christian).


With the Tracys, their ultimate authority is the individual and the liberal, feminist teachings that so called “experts” provide. Proximate authorities (such as the husband and church) are rebelled against and ignored by liberal feminism since they believe either that the husband has no authority over his wife or if he does, he loses it through inappropriate behavior (which they define from worldly categories without biblical authority or biblical investigation). The Tracys use of the Bible is sporadic, secondary, and clearly subordinate to the “expert” findings of the humanists and liberals that they so frequently use.





“I contend that integrating the two is simply not possible because

psychology is rooted in humanism, it opens the door to Satanic influence,

and it offers a faulty view of self that ultimately depreciates

the value of Christ’s completed work on the cross.”

(Ed Bulkley, Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology, 238)


For a biblical process of teaching, knowledge proceeds primarily from the authority of the Bible through identifying proper beliefs which are set forth in biblical terms and categories and thus correctly interpret all information that is gathered and viewed in any process and in any particular case. The direction of this process is primarily open and outward, providing accountability and accessibility for others to participate, evaluate, and verify.


With the Tracys, knowledge proceeds primarily from their sources in the world, which set up categories and beliefs that are quite often directly contrary to the Bible. The direction of this process is primarily closed and inward, isolating the individual to their own selfish feelings and away from the accountability of others who follow the Bible.






“One Christian woman I know has decided that she must disobey her husbandand the elders of her church because she knows God spoke to her and told her to “follow my heart.” She is actively supported in her rebellion by Christian psychologists who warn against pastors who oppress their churches with toxic faith and

“beat people up with the Bible.”

(Ed Bulkley, Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology, 236)



For the biblical process of teaching, moral and spiritual development shows conformity to the law and the gospel of the Bible. Truth, as defined by the Bible, provides the clear direction for decision making which seeks to grow in agreement with what the Bible teaches and teaches the need to repent of thoughts, actions, and habits which are against the Bible.Personal holiness is viewed as far more important than personal happiness, the latter of which is often the emotional  result of the removal of biblical truth, the removal of a biblical conscience, and the structured pursuit of selfishness.


For the Tracys, their teaching professes to bring others closer to God while in fact it moves them away from God and His Word. It teaches a path of individualistic rebellion in which the person is liberated from everything and everyone that makes them feel bad. It teaches the individual not to be accountable for their own actions, but rather to blame others for virtually all their problems and unhappiness in order to avoid personal guilt. As a result, their teaching tears relationships apart and builds other shallow and self-serving relationships based upon each individual allowing the other to do virtually whatever they want.



Specific Allegations Against the Tracys, Mending the Soul, and Phoenix Seminary



1. Mrs. Celestia Tracy has progressively facilitated the steady

deterioration of my wife’s spiritual and mental health.



“What my wife has found as emotional healing is actually the removal of biblical truth from her life that was a constant source of conviction on her life; by resisting the Bible and my leadership in following the Bible, she is removing biblical truth and moving to the comfort of a reprobate mind, more consistently happy in her own sinful habits. Thus the tension is lessened, not by true biblical healing, but by removing the truth that sought to keep her soul from further sin and destruction.”

( My comments in my article “The Feminist Takeover of a Man’s Family,” p 8 )



Deep Depression


During the first year of counseling with Mrs. Tracy, my wife sunk deeper and deeper into long stretches of depression. She talked about suicide, hatred toward God, hatred toward men, hatred toward me, and hating our house. She had severe and long term melancholy attitudes  that showed a worsening condition.


Increasing Isolation


As my wife’s depression worsened, she isolated herself more and more, not only from me but from our children, my family, her family, and from the public world. She would not attend her own work’s Christmas dinner, would not travel to her mother’s place for Christmas, and would not participate in family activities.  In addition, she was often gone from our home, from me, and from our children without letting us know her whereabouts for long periods of time.


Absence of Voluntary Physical Touching


While my wife has been physically distant from me throughout most of the time in our marriage, she became even more distant and unapproachable under Mrs. Tracy’s counseling. In fact, there was no “voluntary” physical touching from my wife for over 8 months prior to the separation (and almost 3 years since of no touching or talking to me, even though we are still technically married). The absence of these actions included holding hands, kissing, hugs, and physical intimacy. In addition, my wife was increasingly opposed to most of my attempts to develop emotional and physical closeness.


Unwillingness to Disclose Information


During the past 4 years of my wife’s counseling, she has been unwilling to meet with me and a biblical, nouthetic counselor and unwilling to allow me to meet and talk with her self-appointed counselor. She would not share information concerning her counseling, keeping her diary and other materials away from me, and she would not listen to any concerns that I had about her counselor and her counseling methods. To this day, she has refused to sign a release of information to allow me to have knowledge of and participate in the counseling of my own wife and its continuing effects upon our marriage, our children, and my life.


Deception, Lies, and Hidden Power Plays


Another clear evidence of my wife’s moral and spiritual deterioration under Mrs. Tracy’s counseling was the continual deceitfulness and lying that has been a constant pattern in my wife’s actions. While my wife has been an habitual liar and manipulator throughout our marriage, she has continued this process with more eagerness. My wife has intentionally hide financial information and purchases from me even though they pertained to our marriage, our paychecks, and our joint bank account (since the separation we have separate accounts). My own paychecks, as well as hers, were used without my knowledge and the uses kept hidden from me. My wife also made extensive plans to leave me without ever talking to me, church pastors, other family members, or with counselors who truly follow the Bible.


Aversion to Conservative Churches


During 2008-09, my wife refused to regularly attend and participate at 2 conservative churches that I had taken my family to. As a Christian minister, husband, and father, I wanted my wife and children to be in churches that were serious about following what the Bible taught. My wife, on the other hand, grew increasingly opposed to such churches. She showed a lack of friendliness, a overly critical spirit toward these churches, yet refused to give biblical reasons for such criticism. As a Christian minister seeking to obtain once again full-time employment in Christian ministry, my wife’s actions were not only rebellious but also destructive to my career and financial prospects in the profession of my training.


Increasing Antagonism toward Me and our Children


As my wife continued her counseling, which I was isolated from, she grew increasingly opposed to me, my Christian worldview, and my leadership in our family. When she wasn’t in her own self-imposed isolation, she was almost impossible to be around. Her speech, which was often displayed in front of our children, was filled with irrational argumentation and verbal threats and attacks toward me. She told me several times in front of our children to move out of the house and was unwilling to sit and talk rationally about our problems. She continually lost her temper and became abusive over even minor issues and differences and was unwilling to allow my parents and others to come to our house.




2. Mrs. Celestia Tracy has repeatedly undermined and

ignored my authority as a husband and a father.



“Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body.

Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.”

(Ephesians 5:22-24; While I and other Christian leaders would acknowledge that “everything” in this verse is not absolute, it does set forth the basic pattern of obedience to a husband’s leadership in the home)

“A bishop then must be …one who rules his own house well, having his children in submission with all reverence (for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?”)

(1 Timothy 3:2a, 4-5)

“My wife states that Mrs. Tracy’s counseling continues to encourage her to stand up against me and set boundaries (Note: this “boundaries” teaching is prevalent in much so-called “Christian” counseling yet it has no basis in the Bible-boundaries are set by God; if anyone wants to set boundaries they have to do so in a biblical manner through biblical authorities. She has repeatedly refused to go this route-she wants to make up her own rules with her feelings as the primary guide)”

(My comments on My wife’s journal entry 1-12-09)

“This entry is one of the more revealing ones that I received. My wife refers to the time that I came back from training to drive a semi-truck and saw Mrs. Tracy at her counseling office. What is so revealing is the bizarre and errant interpretation put on this event by both her (who wasn’t there) and Mrs Tracy. She describes the time as one of “chaos” (this is one of her favorite words to describe situations that she doesn’t like and doesn’t have complete control). She says that the police “had to insist he leave and he left just short of being arrested.” This is not true. As I told the judge, I called the police after Mrs. Tracy refused to talk to me about my wife. She rudely walked away after showing a shaking rage at me for mentioning my wife’s childhood abuse.

I talked to the police and left on my own.


What is really telling is what my wife said about what Mrs. Tracy said.

“Jr was one of the most abusive men she had ever seen” and “she saw something clearly Satanic at work in Jr.” These comments from a counselor who has never talked to me, never interviewed me, and had no bible theology to back up such bizarre statements. What bias and reckless counseling to make judgments about someone she had never met, never talked to, never interviewed, and never biblically critiqued to show evidence of Satanic behavior! Mrs. Tracy, these statements alone show you to be not only an unbiblical counselor but also highly subjective and emotional in your “expert” judgment.”

(My comments on my wife’s journal entry 10-03-09)



Refusal to Include Me and Other Christian Leaders in My Wife’s Counseling


Both before the separation and since, Mrs Tracy has refused to include me in my own wife’s counseling (Mrs. Tracy would say that she is legally bound not to disclose information-while this is true, it also clearly shows why Christian counselors should not be licensed by the state since it requires them to strict confidentiality yet allows them to tear apart the lives of others behind their backs and without their knowledge).


Contrary to the clear teachings of the Bible on a husband’s authority in his marriage and home, Mrs Tracy has never talked to me in any direct way, has never included me in her discussions with my wife and with others that she has talked to, including her own husband. She has never provided any information as to what she is teaching my wife, nor has she given me any updates by phone, letter, or email. Her only contact with me is through a single voice mail which she sent in response to several voice mails I have left with her. It is obvious that she doesn’t see any responsibility toward me as my wife’s husband. Yet she can give my wife advice that directly involves and controls my life and the lives of my children. In accordance with biblical teaching, I have asked other spiritual leaders to contact Mrs. Tracy, yet like myself, they have been ignored and even threatened with charges of harassment if they continue to try and talk to her and to others about my wife.


Mrs. Tracy believes that my wife has grown spiritually, yet she has only seen her in an artificial setting in an office for an hour or two at a time. I have been married to my wife for over 25 years, and except the last 3 years, living with her throughout the natural course of life. I am also a biblically trained minister and counselor with numerous degrees, a well used library, and over 20 years of experience in a variety of ministries, yet I am not allowed to oversee, participate, or even have knowledge of what my wife is being taught by Mrs. Tracy.


Postmodern, Isolationist Policy of Individual Confidentiality


One of the biggest problems with Mrs. Tracy’s type of counseling is its financial and legal connections to the state and its use of the postmodern, isolationist tool of an individual, confidentiality agreement. This type of agreement, which is now used and mandated throughout state institutions, is an unbiblical, corrupting influence by Christian ministries that use it. It is a “Constantinian” process of state control over “Christian ministry” that givestoo much power to the counselor and provides too little accountability to the counselor. It also isolates individuals from their family members, church leaders, and others who have a biblical right to know and evaluate the information given to the counselee. Contrary to this approach, the Bible clearly teaches a process of accountability to the husband, the church, and to spiritual leaders that holds all involved to the same standards and allows less place for individual corruption and destruction through selfishness and greed.


Assisting My Wife in the Secretive Takeover of My Family


Contrary to the Bible, both behind my back, and against my will, Mrs. Tracy has set up an elaborate scheme to assist my wife in talking over my family and my own life by force and without warning. This deceitful and rebellious process includes the provision of ideas, materials, resources, and an alternate church that has intentionally ignored the clear biblical teachings on this subject , namely New Valley Church in Phoenix, Arizona. This church has worked with Mrs. Tracy and my wife for several years, yet they have continually and intentionally refused to follow the biblical process of dialog and discipline. Instead, they have made assumptions about me without contacting me or interviewing me (I managed to finally meet with my wife’s pastors, yet they refused to conduct a true interview, making only accusations). Mrs. Tracy has a deceitful process that intentionally excludes the husband, thus giving greater control for her counselee to get whatever she selfishly wants.


Intentional Disregard for Truth and Due Process of Information Gathering


With her counseling of my wife, Mrs. Tracy doesn’t want my input, information, does not want me to leave information and thoughts on voice mail and doesn’t care to validate or test the information and accusations made by my wife. She has called me “Satanic” though she has never interviewed me nor shown where I have habitually and seriously departed from the Bible (which is what “Satanic” really is and in fact is what Mrs. Tracy is doing!) In addition, Mrs. Tracy gives too much power to her role as a counselor while completely dismissing my role and authority as a husband. She advises my wife to take actions concerning my life, my marriage, and my family behind my back without ever sending Christian leaders to interview me and hear my side of the story.



3. Mrs. Celestia Tracy has intentionally bypassed the biblical process

of local church involvement in marital problems.



“I have asked my wife over and over before: what do you want changed, where is it in the Bible, and what do you want it changed to. She says that I am not qualified for ministry; in response I ask: In what areas and do you have Christian leaders who honor the Bible and say the same? No, my wife bypassed this process to play “god” (more hypocrisy, since this is what she accuses me of yet it is what she is doing); she does not want Christian leaders messing up her agenda to control my life and our family and force me into compliance to her postmodern, worldly lifestyle.”

(My comments in my article “The Feminist Takeover of a Man’s Family,” p 6)

“Divorces occur, church splits take place, and false teaching is introduced and the like, because the means Christ outlined for forestalling such things, the process and application of church discipline, is no longer intact…

One of the greatest tragedies resulting from the failure of church discipline is the wreckage of homes strewn across the land”

(Jay Adams, Handbook of Church Discipline, pp 11-12)


No Biblical Accountability for Mrs. Tracy and Phoenix Seminary


Under Mrs. Tracy’s humanistic, state-controlled system of counseling, there is no biblical accountability for Mrs. Tracy for her methods or for the content of what she is giving to my wife. Equally evil is the fact that no biblical accountability can be brought to bear directly upon her from outside Christian churches and ministries that are concerned or alarmed about what she is teaching. The fact that Phoenix Seminary looks at the Tracys counseling material provides little accountability because the school does not have a process of accountability itself (which I have discovered by attempting now for several years to bring biblical process of communication and accountability to the school; also the school is not a church nor subject directly to the disciplinary process of any churches. (More on Phoenix Seminary’s ungodly actions in an upcoming article).


The “State” Has Replaced the “Church” in Access, Control, and Discipline


Under the Tracys counseling program, the state has access and control over the counseling process while the husband, church, and Christian leaders do not! This is a clear and direct violation of biblical teaching on the spiritual authority of the church in God’s program for this age and the timeless authority of the Bible over all human processes, especially those that deal with spiritual, moral, emotional, and relational problems.


Refusal to Follow Biblical Process of Discipline through the Local Church


Mrs. Tracy has no biblical policy for the processes and content that she uses; instead she works within the state-controlled process and her own personal beliefs and those of her counselee to direct the her beliefs and actions in a selfish, humanistic manner. According to the Bible, if Mrs. Tracy thought she discovered evidence that I had  “abused” my wife, she should have gone directly to me, my church leaders, Christian leadership, and if true and serious, taken even to the civil authorities (this is the process that I followed when I was a pastor). Not only was this not done, but my guilt was assumed and acted upon without allowing me to face my accusers and present my story before several spiritual authorities that could then investigate the matter and present their findings. This was not done, in large part, because it would demonstrate that my wife is mentally ill, lying, and traumatized by her counselor’s reckless psychology.



New Valley Church’s Intentional Refusal to Follow Biblical Due Process


Almost a year into my wife’s counseling, I discovered on my own, that Mrs. Tracy had directed my wife to one of her “acceptable” churches. Throughout the past 4 years, New Valley Church in Phoenix has intentionally refused to follow clear biblical teaching on this matter. In addition, when I have pointed this out to them with another pastor present, they still refused to follow the due process clearly spelled out in the Bible.


There have been no formal statements from the church accusing me of sin or abuse; nor have they acted upon my accusations of my wife’s abuse toward me (they have my wife listed as a member in “good standing” even though they never investigated her charges nor mine). The elders of the church have refused to stay in contact with me, have refused to get the parties together for counseling, gather information, and evaluate views. In addition, they are a liberal church teaching beliefs to my wife and children that are contrary to the Bible and contrary to my own beliefs as a conservative Christian.  Yet I have no say, nor even a hearing in the matter; in fact, they supported my wife’s actions to keep me from taking my own children to the church of my choice (I was not allowed under verbal and legal threats, to take my children to church with me for almost 18 months! Such wicked behavior by Christian elders is a disgrace to the Christian faith and clear evidence of their liberal version of Christianity and unwillingness to face the truth.



4. Mrs. Celestia Tracy has relied upon explicitly humanist, liberal, and feminist literature and methods in her counseling.



“My wife again comments on the role of “dreams” in her life. She goes into detail to show how I am “abusing” her even in her dreams! Now I don’t even need to be present to cause abuse, nor does my wife even need to be awake. (Note: This is a very important point in the whole abuse topic: abuse is not the feelings that one has in reference to someone or something; nor is it the personal, ongoing trauma of a person struggling to find their own version of “peace”. My wife’s terrors in life are almost all self-created from her childhood abuse from her father. She has continued to feed these emotionally disturbed coping mechanisms thus self-fulfilling her fear. By intentionally refusing to follow the Bible (where true peace is found), she has taken the sinners path of a hardened conscience to get peace in her sin.

She cannot have a husband as a living conscience around her anymore.”

(My comments on my wife’s journal entry 9-8-09, few months after abandonment; Mrs. Tracy is following typical humanistic psychology in dream interpretation)


“Knowing how to be religious now means knowing how to “make it” in a pragmatic world…driven to seek meaning only in self-fulfillment. The fuel for this new practical virtue comes not from the Bible but from the popularized nostrums of psychology, not from the older practices of self-examination and the pursuit of holiness but from the newer concerns for psychological wholeness and happiness in an age of affluence.

It should not be hard to see that this new program has nothing in commonwith the old and that this drastically reduced theological vision has nothing to do with the task that has engaged the church for most of its life.”

(David Wells, No Place for Truth, p 112)



Hidden Actions Based Upon Unsubstantiated Accusations


Contrary to the biblical process of open communication and evaluation, Mrs. Tracy relies upon the use of isolation, absence of communication, hidden power plays, acting on accusations without verification and due process, pragmatic ethics justified by unproven assumptions, use of force and manipulation to get results and compliance, and a persistent unwillingness to dialogue and hear alternate viewpoints, especially from Christian leaders who hold a high view of the authority of the Bible.


Absence of Repentance on the Part of My Wife and Mrs. Tracy


While biblical counseling provides the basis for moral judgment and the continual need of repentance from sin, Mrs. Tracy has developed an evasive environment where my wife has shown no true repentance for her actions that are clearly against the teachings of the Bible. On the contrary, my wife has been taught, in true liberal fashion, to blame me and others for virtually all of the problems and the unhappiness in her life. She has been taught to avoid responsibility for her own actions, to continually play the role of “victim,” and to hide her sinful and rebellious life behind her counselor.


Heavy Use of and Reliance Upon Ungodly Literature


One of the most startling things that I discovered as I studied Mending the Soul was their scarce and often inaccurate use of the Bible and their central and abundant use of terms, concepts, and materials from ungodly humanists and others with a low view of the Bible.The majority of the resources that were given to my wife and those listed on their “recommended” list contain explicitly anti-Christian teachings. They claim that God, the Bible, and traditional Christianity is abusive, the acceptance and toleration of alternative lifestyles, and a direct and intentional violation of and even hatred of Scripture. In addition, they make use of worldly psychology to override and reinterpret the Bible, teach a self-centered approach with the counselee as perpetual victim, and advocate and teach the intentional failure and refusal to anchor actions in biblical theology.


Of the 3 books, that I know of, that my wife was given to read, two of them are explicitly against biblical Christianity while the third book, Dr. Tracy’s own “Mending the Soul” is itself substantially liberal (more on this book later-for those who have read the book and think it is a biblical approach, I would challenge you to look beyond the words and see the liberal, humanistic definitions and concepts that permeate “Mending the Soul’-a study of “nouthetic” counseling and the biblical teachings on the subject will help you to see this).



5. Mrs. Celestia Tracy has assisted and approved my wife’s

secretive and deceitful separation (and divorce) from me.



I think she has done a very good job.”

(Mrs. Celestia Tracy, voice mail left on my phone, describing her view of My wife’s actions toward me, November, 2009)

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness.”

(Isaiah 5:20)


“And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression. Nevertheless, she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith, love, holiness, with self-control.”

(1 Timothy 2:14-15: When women take leadership roles from men in the home and church, they are open to Satanic deception and destructive behavior)

“Satan’s denial of God’s Word manifests itself in a variety of ways in our lives. For instance, when our marriages get rocky the therapist tells us, “You deserve more than this. After all, your happiness is what really matters. If you aren’t happy with him, you should do what’s best for you and divorce him.” We get home and Satan makes us think, “The therapist is right! I need to move on. If God loved me, He wouldn’t want me to go through this!” A month later we’re in divorce court, our families fall apart…

Using the therapist’s advice, Satan has won the battle

in destroying our relationship with our spouse and with God.”

(Lisa and Ryan Bazler, Psychology Debunked, 198)



“My wife says that God wants her to secretly abandon me and our son and that this is a loving act on her part. Where is proof from the Bible to do this (contrary evidence is found in 1 Corinthians 6 and 7); love is also following the commands of the Bible.

If someone is going to take such drastic action, they better have biblical support.

My wife has none and gives none.”

(My comments in my article “The Feminist Takeover of a Man’s Family,” p 1)

“When my friend and her husband sought out marriage therapy, the therapist told them, “Based on our time together, I feel you two just aren’t compatible. You would probably be happier apart. Have you considered divorce?” This sounds more like cowardice than counsel. Therapists don’t promote a love that endures,

but a love that quits—which isn’t love at all.”

(Lisa and Ryan Bazler, Psychology Debunked, 83)



Secret and Deceitful Plans to Abandon Me and Tear Apart our Family


Rather than following the biblical process of open and honest communication, my wife was taught to secretly put together a plan to take what she wanted and leave me with no warning. Contrary to my wife’s delusional fears of “abuse,” my wife was under no such danger and there was no crisis to leave in such a manner. On June 19, 2009 I came home to a letter and an empty house with no warning and no attempts to dialog, and continued refusals to talk to me while still making plans how to control and tear apart the rest of my life and career.


Slanderous Attacks on My Character and Reputation


Contrary to the biblical process of open accusations and discipline through the local church and Christian leadership, my wife, Mrs. Tracy, and several others have made judgments about my life and character and intentionally refuse to submit such accusations to others who could investigate the truth. Mrs. Tracy and others have called me abusive, Satanic, and dangerous based solely upon my wife’s testimony, which she will not submit to the scrutiny of others to evaluate, and which I have numerous reliable testimonies to the contrary.


Isolation, Order of Restraint , and Divorce


Contrary to the biblical teaching on marriage, separation, and divorce, my wife and Mrs. Tracy  set forth a process to bully and manipulate compliance to their demands. When I refused to submit to their bullying and attempted to talk to them, their pastors, employers, and others, I was given an Order of Restraint. Clearly refusing to follow the Bible, my wife isolated herself and pursued a course of divorce without due process. She wants her way no matter what and is unwilling to even have a conversation to attempt to save our marriage of 25 years and keep our children from growing up in a broken home.


Theft of Money and Documents


Part of my wife’s selfish control over me was the theft of money, documents, and other resources, both at the time of the separation and since. All of our legal and financial documents were taken by my wife and no copies where given to me except those she thought I should have!  


Kidnap My Children and My Loss of Custody


With my wife’s secretive separation of June 19, 2009, she literally kidnapped my children and would not allow me to see them except under her conditions. My wife did not have any legal right or documents to do this; she simply put me in a position where I was financially trying to survive (she left me between jobs) and under threats of abuse and legal action if I did not comply. I was made a hostage to my wife’s control over my own children; when I went to the police they told me to take up the matter legally. (In hindsight, I should have filed charges of kidnapping against my wife and the Tracys- more on this in another article). In addition, my wife’s lies, her lawyer’s deceitful tricks, and support from the Tracys (also the subject of an upcoming article) convinced 2 liberal judges to give my wife sole custody of my children. Several of my own witnesses (including 3 pastors) and numerous documents and exhibits were not allowed as evidence by the judges.


Foreclosure and Bankruptcy


The secretive abandonment, theft, additional expenses, forced garnished wages, and legal fees have been a constant financial strain to the point of losing our house and my necessity of declaring bankruptcy. Does my ex-wife, the Tracys or Phoenix Seminary care about this? No, they don’t; they continue to ignore the destructive consequences on my life and family! Are we supposed to believe that this is Christian love!


Continued Threats and Legal Attacks Upon Me 


Since the separation, I have attempted to talk and meet with my wife, the Tracys, and Phoenix Seminary; with their continued refusals and my wife’s insistence upon separation and divorce, I set out to rebuild my life and relationship with my children. Yet I have been continually controlled by legal tactics and the court system. My ex wife slanderously attacked my character in and out of court, has gotten sole custody of my children, and has threatened Christian leaders who have counseled my children. My wife continues to pursue a godless and wicked path of control and destruction which is not only seriously hurting me but also our children. This is the end product of the Tracys teaching! A moral reprobate who hates the Christian faith and is destroying a lifetime of marriage, family, and Christian ministry.


“You will know them (false teachers/prophets) by their fruits.”

(Matthew 7:16)




1. Christians should become aware of the unbiblical methods and ideas used by Mending the Soul ministries and other similar counselors


2. Christians should never use counselors who follow the unbiblical isolationist policy of an individualistic confidentiality agreement 


3. Christians should oppose counseling ministries that subordinate the Bible to worldly psychology, sociology, and other ungodly systems of diagnosis and treatment


4. Christians should not support Christian schools (such as Phoenix Seminary) and other “Christian” ministries that agree with, rely upon, or tolerate unbiblical counseling methods. Instead, they should identify them, rebuke them, and warn others about the dangerous and destructive consequences that follow such methods.






“The current cultural crisis with regard to marriage and family is at the root aspiritual crisis; we firmly believe that the only solution is a return to, and rebuilding of, the biblical foundations of these institutions…The Church has become part of the problem…many Christian self-help books owe more to secular culture than a thoroughgoing Christian worldview. Christian, biblical counselors who take the Scripture seriously…find this unhelpful if notpositively misleading.”

(Andreas Kostenberger, God, Marriage, and Family, Preface, p 29)



Teachers and counselors are obligated before God and man to give information that is truthful and beneficial to their listeners. When teachers are in error, they hurt those they talk to and when they profess to be Christians yet intentionally teach serious errors as truth they are extremely dangerous and destructive.


The teaching and counseling of Dr. and Mrs. Steven Tracy through Mending the Soul and Phoenix Seminary clearly demonstrates that they are intentionally giving out serious error that is directly at odds with clear biblical teaching and the facts. They deny the authority of the Bible, replace biblical truth with humanistic beliefs, and destroy relationships through secretive and deceitful actions. This assessment can be clearly seen by anyone wishing to look at the Bible and the full set of facts concerning my own family situation. My wife, coming from a background of abuse from her father, waseasy prey for the Tracys and their alluring promises of happiness.


The fact is that the Tracys have intentionally and systematically taught my wife (now ex-wife as of March 15, 2012) how to develop her own selfishness, violate numerous truths taught in the Bible, ignore the facts, isolate herself from biblical authority, destroy her marriage, seriously hurt her own children, and continue her delusional vendetta against me and my Christian faith. And with all of this destruction, they have taught her that this is helping to mend her soul and draw  her closer to God. Such is their delusion and blasphemy!


I have repeatedly attempted to talk to the Tracys, Mending the Soul, Phoenix Seminary, and New Valley Church for years in the hope that they would be willing to follow the biblical process for dealing with these problems, yet to this day they have all been unwilling to talk with me and pursue an open course of investigation and discipline. Instead, they have ignored my pleas and slanderously talked to others, including the court system to destroy my reputation, financially cripple me, and take away my children. Sadly, many other people and Christian ministries who know about my situation and what these people are doing to destroy my family just stand by and do little or nothing to seriously address this matter. (More details on this subject in an upcoming article).



“Feeling-oriented counseling plays into the hands of Satan…To encourage counselees to follow their feelings rather than to obey the Word of God is toside with Satan, to solidify the original problems, and to elicit the complications that come from further sinful behavior. It is to side with the problem and its causes

rather than with the solution.”

(Jay Adams, The Christian Counselor’s Manual, pp 120-121)











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