Tearing Apart the Soul 6

Tearing Apart the Soul: Part 6

 A Public Exposure of the Liberal, Feminist Teachings of Dr. Steven Tracy through “Mending the Soul” and Phoenix Seminary

and His Secretive, Coercive Attack Upon My Family

by Dr. Maynard C. Mostrom, Jr.

B.A., M.Div., S.T.M., D.Min., Ph.D. Studies

April 2013



Part 6:  Phoenix Seminary’s Intentional Refusal to Hold 

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Tracy Accountable and

Protect Families from their Harm




“You are another Penn State that will not stop your wickedness
until it is publically exposed, and I will not hesitate to tell all the horrific details to the general public, both here and around the country.”

(From an email that I sent to Mr. Marv Spatz, Chairman,

Board of Directors for Phoenix Seminary, May 2012)



“Heresy in days past was serious business. These days,
the category of heresy has become almost meaningless.”

(Andrew Sandlin, Keeping Our Sacred Trust, p 1)

“If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone, But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more…And if he refuses to hear them, tell it to the church. But if he refuses even to hear the church, let him be to you like a heathen and a tax collector.”

(Matthew 18:15-17)



“We are a school not a church.”

(Statements I received from Dr. Bing Hunter, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and from a faculty assistant at Phoenix Seminary. Their responses were intended to say that Phoenix seminary is not subject to the process of church discipline outlined in Matthew 18 and other Bible passages.

 My response was that Phoenix seminary is in more need of this process than a church. The lack of this type of accountability in Christian education is one of the primary reasons why so many Christian institutions of higher learning over the past 2 centuries have fallen into various forms of false teaching and liberal theology)



“Why is psychology taught in seminaries and Bible colleges?

Because the modern church has abandoned the Scriptures as the final authority for faith and life…Rather than heeding the warnings about psychological infiltration, seminary leaders react with defensive hostility.”

(Ed Bulkley, Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology, 222)

The presuppositions and counseling methods of psychology have become so integrated into evangelical thinking at every level that to venture criticism is to invite wrath and censure. The ‘discovered’ truths practiced by ‘Christian’ psychology are fast approaching the status once reserved for Scripture.

A very dangerous development indeed.”

(Jim Owen, Christian Psychology’s War on God’s Word, p 3

“Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.”

(1 Timothy 4:16)


For several years I have attempted to talk with the leadership of Phoenix seminary about 2 of their professors, Dr. and Mrs. Steven Tracy, and the serious harm that they have brought to my family through their counseling program called “Mending the Soul.” In response to my biblical actions to communicate with their school, the seminary leadership has repeatedly refused to talk with me and meet with me to discuss the matter and biblically investigate the facts concerning these 2 destructive teachers. Their responses, with the exception of 2 other  professors, have been that of evasion, neglect, and anger toward me for bringing this to them. This is a “Christian” institution, which should practice the highest standards of biblical integrity, yet the leadership of the seminary intentionally and repeatedly refuses to act in a Christian manner, refuses to biblically investigate this matter, and refuses to hold their professors accountable to the Bible and to the Christian Church.


Why should Phoenix seminary take time to seriously listen to my criticisms. First, it is the nature of biblical Christianity to spiritually listen and consider the feedback that it receives from others. Second, I am not only a concerned person, but also a Christian, a trained and educated Christian minister, and a graduate of the seminary. Third, my situation is intensely personal and has seriously hurt my family. Christian ministries that are approached by such people should be eager to express Christian love and support. Fourth, my criticisms have been given by others besides myself. In fact, I have learned from several others about a lengthy path of damage that the Tracys have caused over the years.



“A true Christian church will be radically intolerant…It is no interference with liberty to insist that those who do choose to be its accredited representatives shall not use the vantage ground of such a position to attack that for which the church exists.”

(John Gresham Machen, The Responsibility of the Church in Our New Age, p 8 )

“Therefore if you bring your gift to the alter, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the alter, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.”

(Matthew 5:23-24: Of all people, Christians should be the most eager to meet over the Bible and solve their relational problems; God says that this process is even more important than public worship!)

Reasons Why Phoenix Seminary Is

Responsible for Tearing Apart My Family

First, Dr. and Mrs. Tracy are both professors at Phoenix Seminary. Dr. Tracy is a full time professor of Theology and Ethics and his wife, Celestia, is an adjunct professor in the area of counseling. Since Phoenix Seminary is the “Christian” employer for both Dr. and Mrs. Tracy, the seminary is responsible to oversee their beliefs and hold them accountable for their departures from the Bible. Just as a biblical church holds its pastors and leadership responsible (1 Timothy 3) in all of its behavior in all places (and jobs) and not just on church property, so Phoenix seminary should hold Dr. and Mrs. Tracy accountable for their beliefs and actions wherever they take place. What they believe and teach throughout their entire life portrays who they really are and what they represent at Phoenix Seminary.

In addition to holding all of its employees accountable to the Bible, the seminary is also responsible to seriously address all concerns expressed about the orthodoxy of the Tracys or any other staff member. Yet, to this day, the seminary has refused to seriously listen to and biblically address my concerns and the numerous concerns of others about the Tracys and has refused to impose a biblical process of fact finding and discipline.



“Followers of Christ, then, should consider all serious criticism because openness to correction is a matter of Christian principle.”

(Os Guinness, Dining With the Devil, p 15)


Second, Phoenix Seminary provides a powerful and influential place for the Tracys to develop and dispense their beliefs through school and student relationships. Though the seminary and the Tracys’ counseling center, Mending the Soul, may be legally separate, there is a network of relationships that links them together and allows the Tracys to get strength and support from the seminary and its constituency. My wife came to Mending the Soul through our connection with the seminary, in the manner that the Tracys and school have intentionally designed and maintained. The seminary’s “ministry” to my wife, in “assisting” me in Christian ministry was to isolate her from me, teach her humanistic psychology, and lead her to rebel against God, His Word (the Bible), and against me, her husband. When I did not accept her rebellion and her conditions of unquestioned compliance to her, they advised her to divorce me, contrary to biblical teaching, while intentionally ignoring and refusing to follow the biblical process for marriage conflict and resolution.



“The cases that I have seen (from Mending the Soul Ministries) could have been cleared up by getting the couple together, working with the church that the spouse went to and loving biblical pressure put on by the elders or leaders of those churches…Mending the Soul is widespread in the valley…to the undiscerning mind it sounds rational, yet God’s Word exposes it for what it is and (what it) is doing to the lives of many, (including) the child counseling we are getting from the fall out (of Mending the Soul).”

(Associate Pastor Darrell Gustafson, Grace Covenant Church, and Director of Biblical Counseling Training Centers of Arizona (BCTC), email dated June 12, 2012)


Third, Phoenix Seminary advertizes and supports the use of Dr. Tracy’s book “Mending the Soul.” This book provides the name and the foundational basis upon which Dr. Tracy’s counseling program functions. I have read “Mending the Soul” several times and am amazed at the pervasive liberalism and humanism that Dr. Tracy masks in biblical wording. I am also amazed at the failure of various Christian leaders and the seminary to recognize and admit that Dr. Tracy’s book is a serious departure from biblical Christianity (see an upcoming article for details). One seminary professor told me he thought Dr. Tracy to be an orthodox, godly man. I asked him if he had read Dr. Tracy’s book and he said “No.”  I then asked him to read the book and see if he could say the same thing. I have not heard back from this professor since our discussion.



All training material is written and reviewed by Dr. Steven Tracy and other biblical scholars who teach at Phoenix Seminary.”

(From Mending the Soul website doctrinal statement; notice that Mending the Soul links “all” of their training material to Phoenix Seminary; the school and the counseling center are mutually working together and supporting each other)

“Phoenix Seminary, he said, was also responsible for what happened to him because it refused to censure and rebuke Professor Tracy, who (in Maynard’s opinion) teaches unbiblical radical feminist ideology and supports his wife, who has been Mrs. Mostrom’s counselor (Mrs. Tracy’s counseling practice is not related, linked, or otherwise connected to Phoenix Seminary.)”

(Dr. Bing Hunter, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Phoenix Seminary, in a letter written, April 19, 2011, at the request of Dr. Steven Tracy to give to my wife’s attorney to use against me in court. Dr. Hunter lied, giving false information to my wife’s lawyer to give legal assistance for my wife against me)



Fourth, the Mending the Soul website states that Phoenix Seminary oversees the content and processes of the counseling center. If the seminary does oversee Mending the Soul, it is either in basic agreement with what they are doing or they are unaware of the Tracys’ departures from biblical doctrine, ethics, and counseling. The latter alternative is not  true; the seminary leadership is well aware of the teachings of Mending the Soul and has continued to associate with the Tracys’ counseling program.


In repeated responses to my phone calls and emails over several years, Phoenix Seminary has not given any negative statements about Mending the Soul to me nor to anyone else that I have heard of (although I have heard 1 professor use the term “wicked” to describe Mending the Soul). In addition, the seminary, while distancing itself legally from Mending the Soul (they are 2 separate organizations), has not publically disassociated from working with or recommending Mending the Soul ministries.




Attempts to Talk to Dr. Tracy and Dr. DelHousaye

Professor of Theology and Seminary President



Unknown to me at the time, my wife began counseling with Mrs. Celestia Tracy in early 2008. When I discovered that she was getting counseling from someone that was not following the Bible and when I saw my wife’s behavior and emotions deteriorate into serious depression, I attempted to contact both Mrs. Tracy and her husband, Dr. Steven Tracy.


I had serious concerns for my wife and hoped to meet and talk with the Tracys and others to address this problem. Both during that time and since, over the past 5 years, Dr. Tracy has never returned my emails or voicemails. However, he has slandered my name and talked about me behind my back to colleagues and to my wife’s lawyer. I have received various emails and documents to show that he has judged me to be an abusive person, yet he has never talked to me nor interviewed me; nor is he willing to do so.


Having been unsuccessful in attempting to talk to the Tracys (part of which is their unbiblical state licensing and hiding behind the HIPAA (privacy) laws, and part of which is their unwillingness to be accountable for their beliefs and teachings), I have tried to talk to the seminary president, Dr. Darrell DelHousaye. As is stated in my first article, Dr. DelHousaye initially received my phone calls in 2009 and early 2010, but was evasive and would not talk about specifics nor about the Tracys. When I pressed him further to talk about details and see the glaring differences between what the Bible teaches and what the Tracys teach, Dr. DelHousaye ceased to take my calls and was unwilling to meet with me; he was also unwilling to allow me to meet with others on the faculty. Now for over 4 years, the Tracys and Dr. DelHousaye have refused to even begin the biblical process of accountability found in Matthew 18 and other biblical passages.



“We have discovered that the Tracys’ nearly split their church and left. The pastor made numerous attempts to get Phoenix Seminary to take disciplinary steps against the Tracys but the school refused to help.”

(A pastor gave this information in an elders meeting that I attended at Grace
Covenant Church in Gilbert, Arizona)



Attempts to Talk to Phoenix Seminary Faculty



Being unsuccessful in trying to talk to Celestia Tracy, her husband, Dr. Steven Tracy, and to Dr. Darrell DelHousaye, I moved forward to talk to a few of the faculty members that I knew. The seminary refused to allow me to meet anyone on campus, nor would they allow me to talk to them on the seminary phones. I had to resort to talking to seminary professors on their own personal phones and away from the seminary. Two professors have been of particular help.



Dr. Wayne Grudem: Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies


Dr. Grudem is a biblical expert in “gender” theology and he was my adviser for my doctroral dissertation at the seminary (2005-2006). Since many of the problems related to my marital situation were directly related to the humanism, liberalism, and feminism that permeates the Tracys’ teachings, I thought it appropriate to talk to Dr. Grudem for advice and assistance.


During several phone calls in 2009 and 2010, Dr. Grudem graciously listened to my concerns and asked numerous helpful questions. He admitted that he did not know Dr. Tracy well, nor was he acquainted with his teachings and ministry. I asked Dr. Grudem if he would look into the matter, especially since it pertained to his expertise and was directly associated with the school that he was presently teaching for.  Dr. Grudem was gracious and helpful, yet he seemed uncertain as to how to approach the matter; he also seemed somewhat reluctant to press my concerns before others. Sensing that our conversations were not moving forward into direct steps to move this problem toward the school leadership and the need for a meeting with them, I thanked Dr. Grudem for his time and friendship and have not since called him during the last few years.



Dr. Fred Chay: Associate Professor and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program


During the past 5 years of my marital crisis and its relationship to the Tracys, the most helpful person to me associated with Phoenix Seminary has been Dr. Fred Chay. He has graciously allowed me to call him on his home phone during which time we have talked approximately 3-4 times a year. During our phone calls, I have found Dr. Chay to be an honest man who is seriously concerned about the Bible and about my family. He has patiently listened to me, prayed with me, and has given me honest and direct advice. He has been encouraging to me and has been serious (in direct contrast to Dr. DelHousaye) about how to address my situation with the seminary. Dr. Chay has tried to move the process at the school in a biblical direction, however, his influence is limited and the “decision makers” at the seminary have chosen not to follow his advice.


I want to publically thank Dr. Chay for the many calls and hours that he has given me out of his busy schedule. I have found him to be a godly man and an example of how others in the seminary leadership should act.  I hope that the seminary will learn from him and listen to his biblical and sound advice.



Other Christian Leaders Talk to the

Tracys and Phoenix Seminary



Since I am the accused “abusive” husband, I know that it is important to have other voices other than my own talk to the Tracys and Phoenix Seminary. Several people have contacted and talked to them over the past few years; though their speech and actions have not been as forceful as mine (nor as personal), they have largely restated my biblical perspective on what has happened to my marriage and family.


Unfortunately, the majority of responses they have gotten have been similar to the ones that I have received. After a few exchanges with Pastor Darrell Gustafson, Mrs. Tracy threatened him with legal action if he continued to contact her. What an ungodly woman and counselor!  The seminary has listened to a few phone calls from several pastors, yet no investigation or meeting with me has been set up (if any progress has been made, no one has informed me). Grace Covenant Church did meet with Dr. Tracy in January; 2012; however, I am not aware of any direct and disciplinary consequences to this meeting. In addition, the board of directors apparently agreed to allow Pastor Darrell to teach a counseling seminar at the school, which took place a few weeks ago (April 2, 2013).


I am glad to hear that some minor progress has been made; however, the Tracys and Phoenix Seminary still refuse to deal with the heart of this matter; they have refused to address their sins against God and me, they have refused to meet with me, and they have refused to follow a biblical path of investigation, evaluation, repentance, and restitution. True progress and true biblical justice will not occur until they deal biblically and truthfully with this great evil.



Attempts to Talk to Seminary Board Members



Having attempted to talk to Dr. Tracy, Dr. DelHousaye, and several other faculty members over several years, I next looked to contact the board members of the school. The Tracys’ humanistic counseling was continuing to wreck havoc on my life and family, yet Phoenix seminary still refused even 3 years later to begin to address this serious and ongoing problem. At this time, I proceeded to leave voicemails with several of the directors of the school, including Jamie Rasmussen, pastor of Scottsdale Bible Church, but no one would return my calls.




Emails and Responses With Mr. Marv Spatz,

Chairman, Board of Directors, for Phoenix Seminary

(February-June 2012)



As a result of voicemails left in February of 2012, I finally got a response from Mr. Marv Spatz, chairman of the board of directors. Listed below is a partial record of the correspondence that took place.


Email and Attached Letter from Marv Spatz: February 20-April 15


Unknown to me, Mr. Spatz had, in response to my voicemails, sent an email and letter to me on February 20. Due to the fact that I did not have Internet service on account of my tight finances, I did not see the email until Mr. Spatz sent it by postal mail, which I received on April 14. Listed below is most of the letter.



Dear Dr. Mostrom,


On Wednesday, February 13th you asked to speak with a representative of the Phoenix Seminary Board of Directors. The Directors discussed your request at a meeting on Friday, February 17, 2012.


The Board asked me to clarify these facts:


  1. The Phoenix Seminary neither owns, nor controls, Professional Counseling Associates or Mending the Soul Ministries. These companies have no legal connection with the Seminary.
  2. I am not authorized to discuss any matters regarding the counseling relationship between members of your family and Celestia Tracy or with her company.
  3. Our conversation will not include issues regarding her counseling services.
  4. Dr. Steven Tracy is not a member of our Counseling Department. He is a professor of Theology and Ethics. He does not provide counseling services on behalf of the Seminary.


The Directors requested that I arrange to speak with you by telephone, but only if you are willing to proceed under these conditions….



Marv Spatz, Chairman

Board of Directors, Phoenix Seminary



I was glad to finally get an invitation to talk to a “decision maker” from the seminary. The facts and conditions listed by Marv Spatz were focused on the “legal” side of things (instead of the biblical and spiritual) and were unnecessarily restrictive. Listed below are my thoughts on his restrictions.


  1. The seminary does not own nor legally control the counseling programs; however, the school does have direct educational ties through the Tracys and other professors that write, review, and recommend the counseling program. They are spiritually and educationally connected and intentionally so.
  2. Who does Mr. Spatz need authorization from to talk about my family and the Tracys? There is no legal necessity through the HIPAA laws (privacy laws) for Marv Spatz or Phoenix Seminary to avoid discussion of these matters (especially if they are not legally tied!). Has the seminary, directors, or its law firm forbidden his talking about this problem? If so, where is the biblical justification for this?
  3. Mr. Spatz rules out any discussion about Celestia Tracy and her counseling. Since Mrs. Tracy is an employee and adjunct professor of Phoenix seminary and is so in the area of counseling, I find this restriction evasive and cowardly.
  4. Whether Dr. Tracy is a professor of counseling or provides “official” counseling for the school is irrelevant to this problem. I am not debating his official role at the seminary; I am pointing out that the man who they have teaching at their school (and in my opinion, the most important teaching post -theology and ethics) is intentionally believing and teaching false doctrine and hurting my family and others. Where he does this and in what manner is secondary to the issue; also the fact that he does this primarily or officially in another setting (Mending the Soul) does not change the fact that this is who he is and what he really believes when he is teaching other subjects to the students at the school. As a representative of the school, Dr. Tracy is responsible, according to the Bible, to be orthodox and biblical in his whole person and in his whole life, not just while he is on school property and in the seminary classroom (the Bible holds Christian leaders to this same standard-1 Timothy 3).


Even though I did not like the conditions and restrictions of the letter, I believed that I must concede for purposes of the call to initiate talks and to gain hopeful progress in the future. I sent a response to accept.



My Email Accepting the Conference Call: April 22


In response to the letter that I received in the mail, I sent an email to Marv Spatz, thanking him for responding and being willing to talk by phone. Below is most of my email.



Hello Mr. Spatz,


I apologize for not seeing your emails earlier. In order to save money, I don’t presently have email at my home…Thank you for sending your letter April 11; I look forward to a phone conversation with you. I would request that 1 or more of my elders at Grace Covenant Church in Gilbert be included in the call; does Wednesday, April 25 work for you?


My story is a horrific tragedy caused by my wife, the Tracys, Mending the Soul, Phoenix Seminary, and others. It has seriously hurt my family and should have never happened.


I did not want this letter to go public but the continued refusal of the Tracys and Phoenix Seminary has made it necessary to tell the truth of this matter to others. I hope you will see the importance of instituting a biblical process of accountability upon your school since it presently does not exist. I look forward to your response.


Dr. Maynard C. Mostrom, Jr.




Email from Mr Spatz Setting Up Conference Call: April 24


Two days later, I received an email from Mr. Spatz accepting the Wednesday, April 25 date. The details of the call were spelled out, including a restatement of their conditions. I immediately sent a response accepting the call.



My Email Reluctantly Canceling Conference Call: April 24


The same day that I received Mr. Spatz’ email for the conference call, I had a meeting with the elders of Grace Covenant Church. Having forwarded a copy of Mr. Spatz’ email to the elders of the church, I looked forward to their encouragement and assistance in talking directly with several leaders of the school.


However, instead of accepting and using the email to move forward to talk with the school, they instead asked me to cancel the conference call with Phoenix Seminary that was set up for the next day, Wednesday, April 25. I agreed with the elders that the conditions of the call were very restrictive and that it would be questionable if any significant process could be made, yet I also believed that it was still an opportunity to initiate conversation and that some leaders of Phoenix Seminary might listen to.


Yet, the elders of the church still wanted me to cancel the call and made this point a condition for their role and my participation in their process. I had little time to think through the decision; however, I at that time agreed to cancel and see what the elders wanted to do. Not having access to the Internet before the next day, I asked a friend, pastor Dante Antonucci, to send an email to Marv Spatz that evening asking to cancel the conference call.



Dear Mr. Marv Spatz,


Mr. Mostrom asked me to contact you regarding the conference call tomorrow. He apologizes, and would have contacted you himself, but he does not have access to the internet before tomorrow’s meeting. He did want me to express to you that the reason for canceling at this point was that the elders of his church (Grace Covenant) believed it was the best action at the time.




My Follow-up Letter and Email to Marv Spatz: May 2012


At the elders meeting of Grace Covenant Church on Tuesday, April 24, I was surprised by their strong request to cancel my call with Phoenix seminary and to cease further contact with the school. Under the pressure of the elders, I reluctantly agreed to their conditions, hoping that they would continue the process of biblical accountability upon the Tracys and the school.


However, as I further thought upon my reluctant decision, received little information about the elders’ process, and found out that they were wanting to wait several months to meet with Dr. Tracy (it actually ended up to be almost 9 months!) and had no plans to rebuke Phoenix seminary for their role in supporting the Tracys, I believed that I had made a big mistake in conceding to their request.


I again met with the elders of my church and explained my reasons why they should not restrict my attempts to pursue biblical steps against the Tracys and the seminary. I explained that I could prove by their teachings and by their destructive consequences upon my family and others, that the Tracys were false teachers and heretics, and as such, needed to be biblically investigated and rebuked with all seriousness and speed.



“We now see that what is happening is not just coming from Celestia but is coming from Dr. Tracy and his philosophy of ministry. The seminary has accepted this over the years even sending people to Ottawa University to get their Psych degree and licensed by the state…John and I are convinced the best way to get this out of the seminary is to work biblical counseling in. Wayne Nieman and I have our foot in the door by being accepted by the board at PS to teach a 90 minute seminar on April 2.”

(Pastor Darrell Gustafson, Grace Covenant Church, email dated January 22, 2013:

 I am grateful for Grace Covenant’s efforts in “teaching” others, however, their work is only half done; they refuse to “rebuke” serious false teaching and those who support it.

See 2 Timothy 3:5 and 2 Corinthians 6:14-18-both passages require serious rebuke and if unheeded, “separation” from serious false teaching and those who teach it)


After further discussion, the elders and I still disagreed, and I found that my convictions, the continued harm to my family, and my proofs from the Bible concerning the Tracys and Phoenix Seminary required that I resume to move forward in contacting the school. As a part of this resumed and delayed process, and knowing the unnecessary and evasive restrictions placed previously upon the conference call, I sent the following email to Mr. Spatz.




Mr. Spatz,


I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I have been very ill and very busy working to survive this horrific situation. I will try and be brief and as polite as I can…My website will tell this entire story in the hope that the Tracys’, Mending the Soul, and Phoenix seminary are stopped from ever hurting another family ever again.


From 2003 to 2006, I attended your seminary and graduated with a D. Min in order to finish a lifetime of classroom training and spend the rest of my life serving the Lord with my wife and children in full-time ministry. This dream was shattered in 2008 when the Tracys’, through the seminary, pursued my wife for counseling without my knowledge or permission. Blinded by their humanistic and godless approach to ministry, these 2 professors of Phoenix seminary (1 full time and 1 adjunct) have systematically given my wife explicitly anti-Christian materials and have taught my wife to tear apart our marriage and family.


Over the past 4 years, I have tried to follow a biblical approach to talking with the Tracys’ and the seminary and have been shocked at their wicked and evasive behavior (especially the Tracys’ and Dr. DeHousaye). As of now, my wife has divorced me without talking to me for over 3 years!  I have been systematically persecuted and hunted and my life and children terrorized by these people and their process. After 4 years, I am out of health, finances, and my children have been taken from me by the court based upon my wife’s lies, her lawyer’s tricks, and the assistance of the Tracys’ and Phoenix seminary.


In recent months, my attending church, Grace Covenant in Gilbert, has also found several other families that have been seriously hurt by your professors. They are gathering this information to present to the seminary in the near future…


I will give Phoenix Seminary until June 15 (2012) to set up a face to face meeting with me… and any other people needed to make our case. These are my terms: I expect to have a meeting which will result in a substantial biblical process of inquiry to take place immediately. As a result of this process, both Dr. Tracy and Mrs. Tracy should be rebuked and fired from your faculty and the seminary will publically cut off all ties with Mending the Soul. In addition, Dr. DelHousaye should be rebuked and fired for his role in refusing to biblically address this matter, meet with me and others, and bring serious inquiry into this matter.


I also expect the seminary to make serious efforts at restitution toward me in this matter. First and foremost, this includes the seminary providing legal assistance to help me regain legal custody of my children. Your professors are responsible for taking my children away; you are responsible for getting them back.


If you don’t agree to this meeting by June 15, 2012 and follow serious biblical repentance and restitution including assistance in getting my children back, I will take the following steps: first, I will take this matter to the public with an initial printing of 5000 fliers with my website address that will be given to the general public throughout the Valley. This will be followed by interviews and meetings with newspapers, public officials, and important business people. I will tell my story and encourage them to investigate this matter and expose your school. I will also go directly to numerous churches telling my story and asking them and others to pass out my fliers everywhere.


In addition, I will seek legal assistance to file a lawsuit against not only the Tracys’ and Mending the Soul, but also against your school. I will picket your school, tell the truth about this matter, and gather a coalition of people and resources to continue this process as long as it takes to see your school repent and take biblical steps or close it doors.


I await your response for a meeting set up by June 15. I urge you to take this matter with biblical seriousness. You are another Penn State that will not stop your wickedness until it is publically exposed, and I will not hesitate to tell all the horrific details to the general public, both here and around the country.

Mr. Spatz, your profess to be a Christian seminary; I urge your school to stop acting in a godless way in this matter and start to take biblical accountability for the intentional wicked behavior that has come from 2 of your teachers and from the rest of your school in resisting a biblical investigation into this travesty.


I trusted your school to help me and my family serve in Christian ministry; your school betrayed that trust and has systematically torn apart my family, my finances, my health, and my career. Your school has seriously hurt my children and for that you and your school should be ashamed and repent. This decision is now yours; I urge you to be serious about following the Bible and truth.



Dr. Maynard C. Mostrom, Jr.



After a couple of weeks went by and I did not hear back from Marv Spatz or Phoenix Seminary, I sent an email on May 21, requesting an update and response to my letter.



Mr. Spatz,


Have not heard back from you yet. Hope you are getting the wheels spinning and talking to many people. Please do not ignore this matter…While you talk about this matter administratively and legally, it is most important that you do so biblically. This is how God will be truly glorified and your seminary delivered from the consequences of its own sinful actions.


For the Cause of God and Truth, and for My Children,








Dr. Maynard Mostrom




Even with the update email, I still waited for a response from Mr. Spatz and the seminary for almost a month. The response I finally received greatly saddened my heart.




Phoenix Seminary’s Resolve to

Disobey God and Cover Up Their Wickedness




“Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unrighteous, and not before the saints…I speak this to your shame.”

(1 Corinthians 6:1, 4:)

“But we have renounced the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness nor handling the word of God deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.”

(2 Corinthians 4:2:)

“Target seminaries first: you indoctrinate the next generation of ministers…emphasize educational credentials…recruit wealthy or powerful laymen…resist calls for creedal discipline…implement all procedural protections against charges of heresy…conduct all battles against enemies in terms of institutional criteria not creeds…

In every institution, the ultimate earthly authority over operations is possessed

by those who finance these operations.”

(Strategies and tactics used by liberals in educational institutions to advance humanism within American Christianity from Gary North, Crossed Fingers: How the Liberals Captured

the Presbyterian Church, p 810-812)



On Tuesday, June 12, 2012, I received an email concerning Phoenix Seminary. I was somewhat hopeful that after more than 2 1/2 years of attempts to talk with the leadership of the school, the seminary would finally agree to follow the first steps of biblical discipline and set up a meeting with me. Unfortunately, Phoenix Seminary showed its firm resolve to continue its coverup of the Tracys’ destructive teachings and its support of their work. Rather than receiving a direct reply from the seminary, I received an attached letter stating that I was no longer to attempt to contact the school, except through their law firm. Below is the attached letter.



Dear Dr. Mostrom,


This law firm represents Phoenix Seminary. As you know, you threatened legal action against Phoenix Seminary in your May 13, 2012 email addressed to Mr. Marv Spatz in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Phoenix Seminary. Accordingly, I ask that you please refrain from any further contact with our client, Phoenix Seminary. You should direct all further correspondence intended for Phoenix Seminary to me or Robert E. Brown here at Ridenour, Hienton & Lewis, PLLC, at the address set forth above. We will ensure that your communications are conveyed to the appropriate individuals at Phoenix Seminary.




Patrick J. Van Zanen

For the Firm


Fliers Exposing Phoenix Seminary

Passed Out to the General Public

(Beginning April 2013)




“This testimony is true. Therefore, rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound

in the faith, not giving heed to Jewish fables and commandments of men

who turn from the truth.”

(Titus 1:13-14)


…tell it to the church. But if he refuses even to hear the church,

let him be to you like a heathen and a tax collector.”

(Matthew 18:16-17)

Having exhausted all of the private steps and options involved in the biblical process of discipline and continuing to experience the destructive influences of the Tracys on my family and my life, I have resolved to follow the next steps in the biblical process of discipline according to Matthew 18. With the refusal of the Tracys’, Phoenix Seminary, and that of the Christian leadership in Arizona to address this problem biblically, it is clear that this matter should go directly to the general public.


Even though I intended to begin passing out fliers in July 2012, my health, financial situation, and my inability to finish and post additional articles on my website caused me to wait. From June 2012 to April 2013, I also waited for Grace Covenant Church and other Christians to bring biblical accountability to Dr. and Mrs Tracy and to Phoenix Seminary, yet little has been done in this regard. Dr. and Mrs. Steven Tracy continue to teach the false doctrines of humanistic psychology and continue to hurt my family and others. Since the Christian community in the Phoenix area and its leaders have refused to address this matter biblically for over 4 years, it is long overdue to take this matter directly to the Phoenix community to shame and pressure the Christian Church into biblical action. Below is a copy of the flier that I have been passing out throughout the Phoenix area:.



Phoenix Seminary “Tore Apart” My Family

Destructive Heretical Teaching

 Abuse and Lying

Abandonment w/o Warning

Kidnapped My Children

Verbal Threats and Legal Attack

Refusal to Talk or Meet

Damage Reputation and Career

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

Another School Coverup Hurting Families

Please See My Story and Tell Others

Dr. Maynard C. Mostrom, Jr.

Ordained Baptist Minister

B.A., M.Div., S.T.M., D.Min.

Ph.D Studies





“The time is ripe for a new movement-a seismic holy quake of countercultural men and women who dare to take God at his word, those who have the courage to stand against the popular tide, and believe and delight in God’s plan for male and female.”

(Mary Kassian, The Feminist Mistake, p 299)

“…ultimately the effective authority of Scripture to govern our lives is at stake in this controversy. The issue is not whether we say we believe the Bible…but whether we actually obey it when its teachings are unpopular and conflict with the dominant viewpoints in our culture…Here are my suggestions for practical things you can do, either alone or with the help of a few complementarian friends…talk to your pastor…make available a good number of books…talk to current elders…plan a process to inform the church about the need to address the issue, to hold informational meetings and discussions…realize that you may be called divisive, insensitive, unloving…don’t back down at the last minute for the sake of friendship…eventually the pressures of the culture will lead to ever increasing compromises…

and thus to increased tensions in the church.


The issue will not just go away.”

(Dr. Wayne Grudem, Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth, p 532-534:

Dr. Grudem is a professor at Phoenix Seminary)

Dr. Steven and Celestia Tracy are false teachers and heretics. They are intentionally teaching godless, selfish humanism in the name of Christianity and they are insulated from the destructive consequences of their teachings by Phoenix Seminary and by the civil laws of  confidentiality. As intentional teachers of humanism within the framework of the Christian Church, they are enemies of the Christian faith and of the Christian family and have been hurting my family and other families for years. They are employed by Phoenix Seminary and supported by the seminary (full time and part time) to teach their heretical views at the seminary and in other settings. They have been allowed to continue this false and destructive counseling in large part because Phoenix Seminary supports them and protects them from those who would confront them and hold them accountable for their sins.


The foremost Christian graduate school in Arizona has no process of biblical accountability in place to preserve and protect Christian orthodoxy. Proof for this tragic diagnosis comes from the fact that Phoenix Seminary has persistently refused to even begin to implement a biblical strategy to create such a process.


No other Christian organization is in a better position to bring biblical accountability to the Tracys than Phoenix Seminary, yet over several years, the school has repeatedly refused to even begin this process! And as a result, Dr. and Mrs. Tracy have continued to hurt my family and other families and damage my career in Christian ministry without any investigation or interference from the seminary that employs them, supports them, and tolerates their false teaching.



“But He turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind Me Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men‘…If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”

(Matthew 16:23-24: Christians can be mislead and used by Satan to work directly against God and His purposes; the Tracys and Phoenix Seminary are, at least in the areas pertaining to counseling and my family, working against God while claiming to be working for Him!)


Phoenix Seminary says it exists to train men and women for Christian ministry through the teaching of the Bible. However, in my situation, its “ministry” to me and my family was to teach psychological heresy to my wife, tear apart my family, refuse accountability or biblical investigation, slander my name, support my wife’s legal attacks upon me, take away my legal custody of my children, destroy my finances and credit, and take me out of Christian ministry! One of the saddest parts to this commentary is the fact that they actually believe that they are serving God and helping people when the destructiveness of their work is scattered all around them! I have shown you this destruction by the hands of the Tracys and Phoenix Seminary. What will you do about it?



“So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone,

and struck the Philistine and killed him…Now the men of Israel and Judah arose

and shouted, and pursued the Philistines.

(1 Samuel 17:50; 52a: Prior to David’s heroic action, the men of Israel and Judah simply stood by while Goliath publically defied them and their God;

I have publically stood against this “Goliath”

Now it is time for responsible Christians and others in the Phoenix area to take action!)

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